BolderPath creates systems that advance sustainability. Our world is developing waste-to-product solutions that benefit our clients, humanity and the planet. We provide promotional and resale merchandise that actually saves resources over the course of their lifetime instead of consuming them. BolderPath’s catalog of high quality soft goods and custom design services are built from our expertise in material and product life cycle analysis, sustainability by design and reclamation-based manufacturing. Our operating and sustainability systems are so dynamic, we had to develop our own software to run them efficiently. There’s a world of new and better ways of making things, we call it the BolderPath.


BolderPath’s carbon and ecological footprint calculator

provides BolderPath and its clients 100% resource and process transparency, verifiable metrics for every product and an invaluable sustainability-enhanced product design tool. It even compares our products to the same styles being made conventionally , overseas and from virgin materials. Clients can often claim Scope 3 credits as a result of net negative GHG emissions.

EcoAnalyzer measures the consumption of energy, water, and fuels, how much solid waste was generated and the top 6 GHGs of every product we produce. It provides an extremely accurate ‘Ingredient Profile’ where all component resources are stated in percentages of weight and actual weight. Your packaging and distribution impacts can be added after the completion of each project.

BolderPath Footprint Summary Reports show all of the impacts required to reuse waste and deliver finished goods, and additionally include a portion of every reclaimed and recycled material’s first life footprint.

Bill of GreenTM

our manufacturing, production planning and design comparison tool

with which we analyze and produce sustainable and profitable products. Bill of Green functions as a standard Bill of Materials, but also calculates itemized, real time costs for every labor and transportation input needed.

Reclaiming textileable waste is never free, even when we don’t have to purchase them. There are more variable costs – like drive time, load weight, fuel prices and processing speed – than most manufacturers ever have to deal with.

When you put these powerful software tools together, the result is a sustainable
product that maximizes resource and human value, diverts problematic waste,
and avoids massive amounts of resource consumption;
all while increasing brand equity and making our clients money.