Product Metrics

Providing metrics on your project is a great way to be truthful and educational in your procurement and marketing practices.”

Product and Project Metrics

Diversion Metrics are included in all projects that are getting Hang Tags or Metrics Summary Reports. These metrics relate to the weight of all materials contained in your merchandise. The data is categorized by what is reclaimed, recycled and virgin, and scrap rates. All weights are expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the product of which 100% is accounted for.

Footprint Metrics are the most accurate, complete carbon footprint metrics available per individual item and for a project in whole. Footprint metrics consist of the following: the footprint of the new material you avoided by choosing to support repurposed textiles, and any impacts on water, energy and fuel consumption required to manufacture your project. We also capture and report the noxious emissions of the top 6 green house gasses and 100% of the packaging used to fulfill your order. Additional fees apply for this service.

Metrics Summary Reports are available in two forms:

  1. Simple Form Reports are word documents in plain letter style. There are narrative paragraph sections and data sections displayed by simple graphs and tables.
  2. GRI Reports are also word documents, but written according to Global Reporting Initiative G3 reporting standards and in the same format with Indicator References. If your company reports according to GRI standards, you will be able to take your Metrics Summary Report and know exactly which Indicators and questions each metric relate to.

Your metrics can be included on Hang Tags or even screen printed on your product. Transparency and education at the point-of-sale is a powerful action forward along the BolderPath and your customers will really see the difference. To find out how to display metrics on your products, view our Customizations Page.

The Bill of GreenTM

BolderPath uses a comprehensive system that captures significant material and natural resource metrics for every design and production run. We utilize internal and external sources of data and analysis tools to calculate variables for transportation, processing, production and even location of manufacture. Our systems capture and evaluate real-time the many variances of material choice, collection method, labor and production allocations, and all transportation options, including fuel impact, maintenance and labor time. Every component has a weighted value based on the system objective being sustainability. Every weight has a dollar value assigned to it as well, so we can evaluate the profitability of manufacturing sustainably and how that compares to just producing green products.

If you believe your customer will respect and value a detailed account of your project’s footprint, you should consider this service. Providing metrics on your project is a great way to be truthful and educational in your procurement and marketing practices. If you choose not to add this service, be assured that the metrics of your project will be included anonymously in BolderPath’s next GRI Report.